Anglo Austrian AAB Bank

Class 35:

Cost price analysis; commercial information agencies; business management and organization consultancy; business appraisals; efficiency experts; advertising

Class 36:

Monetary exchange; banking, clearing financial; home banking; financial consultancy, financial sponsorship of culture events; financial evaluation for insurance, banking, real estate purposes; mutual Funds, namely, mutual fund investment management services; mutual fund distribution services; mutual fund administration services; sponsoring mutual funds; providing administration and shareholder services to mutual funds; brokerage in the field of investments and mutual funds; mutual fund brokerage services; capital investment, namely, equity capital investment; capital investment, namely, equity capital investment; management of a capital investment fund; capital investment management; capital investment consultation; electronics funds transfer; financial management; trusteeship; real estate affairs, in particular real estate appraisal, rental of Offices (real estate), leasing of real estate, real estate agencies, real estate management.

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